14 Things to Do AFTER an Open House

You want the home
  • 1. Determine our best offer. Work with your real estate agent to identify your initial bid, look up the home’s history and factory in needed repairs.
  • 2. Wait and be patient. As soon as your agent hears something, you’ll be the first to know.
  • 3. Don’t ignore your budget. It’s better to hold out for a home you can afford than to go broke over a rushed decision.
  • 4. Remember the inspection. If the sellers refuse to address major problems, you might need to walk away.
You’re not sure
  • 5. Sleep on it. If you’re not 100 percent sure, get a good night’s rest and see how you feel in the morning.
  • 6. Know your deal-breakers. Which features match up to your list? Which don’t?
  • 7. Go back for a personal tour. Take a second look with your agent and bring a find who can offer a fresh perspective and honest opinion.
  • 8. Consider your lifestyle. When you imagine yourself living in the home, is it still a good fit?
  • 9. Think about add-ons. Does the home need any updates or repairs? What will maintenance entail? Consider all the extras to see if the home still feels like a good deal.
  • 10. Revisit at different times of day. Make sure the property and the neighborhood suits you at all times around the clock.
  • 11. Trust your gut. If your inner voice of reason is chattering away, try to figure out what it’s telling you.
You hated the home
  • 12. Identify the issues you didn’t like. Remember them when you visit new listings.
  • 13. Broaden your horizons. Expand your search into areas or features you haven’t yet considered.
  • 14. Don’t settle. There’s a big difference between making a few small compromises and making a big mistake you’ll have to live with for years.