House Staging Tips

Get Inspired
Visit open houses to gather staging ideas and see how your home stacks up against the competition.

Have a Plan
Create a checklist of tasks you must accomplish to get your home in show condition.

Ask for help
If you decide to DIY your staging, get an unbiased opinion from a professional.

Keep it real
Declutter the home, but include simple touches like colorful throw pillows or a fruit bowl.

Mind the minutiae
Make sure locks, doors and drawers easily open and close; spruce up baseboards and trim; replace worn house numbers or mailboxes.

Update, don’t renovate
Instead of completely redoing a space, consider smaller updates like new cabinet hardware, light fixtures or a coat of paint.

Less is more
Don’t just hide clutter: jumpstart your packing! Purge extra belongings and unwanted junk.

The nose knows
Deep clean to eliminate lingering odors and avoid potpourri and heavily perfumed air fresheners.

Real shabby isn’t chic
use quality furnishings when staging-don’t leave only second-best furniture behind.

Silence is golden
Skip the mood music during a showing; the noise just distracts buyers from focusing on the home.

Be honest with yourself
Take sample photos of your home after staging and view them critically on your computer. Are you impressed? If not, revisit areas that need more work.